Friday, February 27, 2009

A good post: With pictures

I have been a slacker, this I know. Things are going pretty well right now. Peter has not been home all that much but that is no surprise with April 15th quickly approaching. We have already made plans to get away for a couple of nights as soon as possible after the 15th. I am so proud of Peter - we just got word that he passed his 2nd CPA exam! These tests have been really awful to him lately and it is nice to have another one done! He is so happy and I am so happy for him, they are definitely not easy and it is so nice to see his hard work paying off!

My job is going. It is a tense place to be right now with layoffs and other not so fun happenings. As everyone I am really hoping this economy improves soon.

Things on the home front are going really well. We are starting to get our yard put together when the weather allows over the weekends. Peter wanted to start a garden so we have lots of little plants starting to sprout in the house right now. We will need to build some boxes for them in the coming weeks! We are both so ready for spring to get here. We do not have the money to put as much work into our yard as it needs, but we can still make a lot of progress with what we can do.

I really don't have a whole lot to report but I did want to post some pictures of our babies and our Valentine's Day. We went very low key this year and made a cake and dinner and just enjoyed a night at home.

My beautiful flowers and yearly frog that he gets me. Peter bought three of us girls from high school a whole bunch of things for Valentine's Day our senior year of high school and one of the things he got me was a green frog. I have gotten a new one yearly since then.

The Strawberry Cake's all baked

The finished Cake

When we bought this house it had a hot tub that has never been used. Our hope is that we can get this thing running. Peter's first outdoor project was cleaning this thing out. YUCK!

Like new!

Our adorable babies!