Saturday, February 7, 2009

Being a worrisome wife and a pack leader

Peter is currently in taking one of his CPA exams. I know it is nerve wracking for him, but it is no easier to be the wife sitting at home hoping and praying that he is doing well! Then comes the agonizing 6 week wait to find out if he passed or not. I guarantee one thing, when all these tests are done we will have quite the celebration. It will be nice when today is done and he is finished with this exam and we will enjoy the night off of studying tonight and celebrate that he took the test, but then tomorrow comes and he is on to the next test. Someday it will all be worth it and my husband will be a CPA and life will be good :)

Peter is kind of easing his way into busy season. Every week he works a little bit later and I know very soon he will be in full swing. I don't think that it will be easy and I know that he will be very tired, but we will get through it. April 15th doesn't seem all that far away ;) The hardest part for me is being stuck with all the household responsibilities and running all the errands but it is good for me not to rely on Peter so much. I am looking forward to having some time at night to scrapbook or read or even go to bed early if I want. I will miss our time in the evenings though - April 15th, it's only 9 weeks away, that's not too bad.

We are working very hard on getting our dogs under control. I am reading Cesar's books and watching his show and taking lots of notes. There are so many areas we need to improve with these dogs. Juno will completely ignore our commands, she is so darn stubborn and Indy seems totally oblivious to the idea that we would even demand anything of him. It is no surprise to anyone that we want to have children someday and if we can't even get our dogs to behave I can imagine how we're going to be with kids! I know their disobedience is our problem and we are the ones that have to take the leadership role over the dogs. I am already seeing improvements with Juno's behavior and she is becoming more submissive everyday - we just have to stay consistent with her. Indy can be very obedient, but only for a brief second and then he is on to the next thing. I do not see him being submissive to us and I am not sure where the line is of him being a puppy and him trying to be dominate. When we try to get him to obey he just bites at our hands or at our feet and jumps around, is that puppy behavior or is that bad dog behavior or is he a little ADD???