Friday, September 26, 2008

This is a post that I have not been looking forward to post but I think it is an important event to remember - even for the short time that it was here.

Four short weeks ago I got word that I was going to be an aunt again! It has been exciting all three times in my life that I have found out the news and this time was certainly no different. Unfortunately two short weeks later we found out what we thought was the end of that life. It was not a fun word to get and I know it was definitely not an easy time for my brother and sister-in-law. As the past two weeks have gone by, things have not gotten any better for Jayme and after the past two weeks we all discovered that the baby was not quite gone yet. The baby was no longer alive, but was actually a tubal pregnancy instead of a miscarriage. The very scary part about that is that it potentially puts Jayme's life in danger too and very much so complicates the treatment options. As of today Jayme started treatment and it included some form of a chemo injection. We are all hoping for the best and that her tube clears out quickly.

This is a difficult thing to post on a public, family blog but I just wanted to bring mention of it since I do not want to forget the brief life that was given to the Fair family. Even though none of us met or barely even knew it existed - it was still here and I believe that this baby is now in Heaven. For whatever reason and only God knows why, this baby was not purposed to live here on earth with us.

That is all for today :)