Thursday, September 27, 2007

Welcome to our world!!!

This is the first post on our new blog. The reason that I really wanted to do this is to let people who may want to keep up with us know just what we are doing. It may not be the most exciting thing to read, but hopefully insightful and entertaining enough. Life is pretty busy at the moment and is showing no signs of slowing which isn't a bad thing. We are both anxious for this year to be over so it can go ahead and fly by!

The busyness of life has created some challenges. It has been very difficult for us to even see each other lately much less talk or have a relationship. My day begins at 4 in the morning while Peter's day hasn't been ending until 9-10 at night. We spend a very short amount of time together in the morning getting ready and then see each other for a short amount of time at night. We try to check in with each other as much as we can during the day and it is definitely refreshing to know we are still thinking about each other! It can be frustrating at times, but we are trying to embrace where we are right now and deal with the separation.

We are both pretty excited about the coming month. Peter will hopefully have a job by the end of the month or soon after! This is what we have been working towards and talking about since we met and it is so nice to know that it is upon us! I know I am much more excited then Peter is. He after all is the one that has to actually go out there and get a job. My excitement is in the waiting to see just what God has in store for him! I know God has his hand in this and has the right place for Peter all ready for him. Now he just has to reveal his perfect plan to us!

It is nice to see that firms are already interested in him. He will be a great accountant and it is so nice to see others noticing what I have known all along! He has met with an accountant from one firm and last night met with a recruiter from another firm. There are people pulling for him at both of these firms which is very good news! I think it has been a great opportunity for him to meet with these people and get a taste of the individual firms and they have also helped him out a lot as far as interview prep goes. The accountant he met with was very insightful on the young family side of the job and helped us realize just what "busy season" will be like on a family.

Tonight he is at something called OSPCA where a lot of accounting firms go and you kind of meet and greet with them. You give them your resumes and try to make a good first impression with them. Tonight is a big night - and I have no doubt he will do well. Peter informed me that the firms offer lots of free little gifts and candies at their booths so I put him on the mission to bring me back as much junk as he can. Hopefully my mission won't distract him from his real mission. He will probably be so nervous that he will completely forget about my goodies. He looked very nice tonight in his suit and tie. I could definitely get used to that look!

In non-job related news - We are runners!!! Okay Peter is a runner - I .............. am trying. Peter's short term goal for now is to run the Disneyland Half-Marathon next year and mine MAY be to run the 5K with him down there. We are trying to stay committed to running and we do run together when our schedules allow. Peter can easily run 3-5 miles a night while my goal is pathetic and I won't even mention it - but I am trying!

That's what is going on in our lives at this moment, thanks for reading!!!