Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Foster Pups #46 and #47 Lilo and Stitch (turned Caesar)!

I knew we were in trouble when I got an email asking if it was okay to switch our terrier mix fosters to poodle fosters. You see, we have a little girl who really loves poodles! 

It wasn't long before we really knew we were in trouble as the whole family was falling in love!

We also had his adorable brother who was as equally sweet!

Our girl was smitten! 

And our not so fond of dogs child even loved him!

As the week wore on, our girl was getting sadder and sadder as we prepared her that it was almost time for him to leave.

Fortunately Grandpa and Grandma saved the day and decided to keep him! Bonus, we get to babysit the sweet little guy! Welcome Caesar to the family! He is the sweetest little pup with the best temperament as the pictures below show! We are thrilled that he gets to stick around and of course his brother being as adorable and well mannered as he is too was quickly scooped up! Everyone wins!