Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Eli's 4th Birthday

In the blink of an eye, my little 5 pound premature baby boy has turned into a little man of 4 years old.  The older they get, the more fun their birthday's are and this little man could hardly wait for his big day to arrive this year!  We started the morning with his birthday breakfast request of birthday cake cinnamon rolls and 4 candles!  Because candles are fun!

Then it was off for a day of fun. It didn't start off to fun though as we had to drop by the social security office and take care of some business for LB and Malachi.  After 3 years of waiting for Malachi's updated social security card, we finally got  that resolved and got a number for little sister.  That was officially the LAST step for both of their adoptions so it was a productive morning! Eli hung in there through the loooong wait with the ipad! 

Finally we were off to have some fun!  Eli requested a game place for his birthday (see a theme here?) so we took him to a game place and he had the whole place to himself!  It was pretty fun!  

After playing lots and lots and lots of games, it was lunchtime.  A pizza buffet while watching some favorite cartoons seemed perfect for the birthday boy!  

And then the moment he had been waiting for!  A trip to the toy store where he was told he could pick out any lego set that he wanted!  The choices were endless and this took a bit of time and debate but he left with a set that he couldn't wait to put together! 

And last stop on the way home.  Nobody can resist a free scoop of ice cream on their special day! 

We picked up some small bundt cakes on the way home so we could have some sort of a dessert that night as a family.  Of course, we had to blow out a few more candles! I don't think he could have had a more perfect day!

Then a few days later, it was time to party!  We seem to have a bit of a lego obsession in this house at the moment!

                                      He couldn't have been more excited to be a big 4 year old!

 Happy Birthday Eli!  You are one great kid!  You're still as stubborn as ever but we deal with it. You take after your mom and dad just a wee bit!  I still think you're as sweet as sugar and definitely still a mama's boy.  The only drawback to turning 4 was that you needed 3 more shots and that was no fun for anyone.  You're now 35  pounds (41st %) and 41" tall (64%). Crossing that 40" threshold is always exciting in this house because that means you will be tall enough to do the fun rides when we take you to Disneyland later on this year!  We love our little lego man!