Thursday, September 11, 2014

End of Summer

I'm sure the only people who will enjoy this end of summer photo recap are the grandparents and great-grandparents, but that is okay!  So here are the recent happenings in the Keyser family this fall!

Malachi has been paying close attention to mommy and mimics my actions a lot. Here he was burping his Lillybelle while I burped mine!

Little Miss and her dreamy smiles (and she has dimples!)

Clearly starting to chunk up!  I just love her! 

Daddy brought mommy home some flowers but they were quickly stolen when the princess saw them and with excitement exclaimed "Daddy got me flowers!"  Lately she has become a total Daddy's girl and I think it is pretty cute!


Lillyelle took her first trip up to Seattle to meet Uncle Andy!

Daddy took his sweet little princess on a date. It was pretty much the most adorable thing I've ever seen! 

The boys went to the dentist, Eli was pretty chill watching movies while waiting for the dentist. 

I love these boys and the relationship they have.  They were daydreaming together first thing in the morning. 

Lillybelle went to her first football game! It was really hot, but she was a trooper!
The kids have been enjoying every last second of summer.  They recently became obsessed with baseball and have been practicing with each other.  It's pretty cute. I was informed I was not allowed to be part of the team and pitch because I did not have a jersey. 

They're pretty cute little stinkers! 

We went out for our first dinner as a family of 6. That was crazy!

Malachi completed 4 sets of swim lessons this summer and is making great progress. We hope to sign him up for a few more lessons in the winter and see if we can't get that kid full on swimming. He's close! 

Little Miss turned 6 weeks and is now smiling and sleeping great at night - Yay! 

Life has been pretty great if not totally busy.  Things are not showing signs of slowing down here anytime soon but that is kind of just the way we roll!  Stay tuned!