Thursday, July 29, 2010

4 Years

4 Years Ago today we started our life together. We made a huge lifetime commitment to one another and trusted that the person we were standing next to would honor that commitment and was worthy of our trust.

This is one of my favorite wedding pictures. It wasn't one of those posed smiley, kissy pictures that everyone does. This was where we started. Sure, we had the big wedding, we had the reception. We spent 18 months planning the wedding and the marriage. The wedding was the first day of many. This picture shows us truly starting out. As soon as we left that reception - life truly began as husband and wife. We'd done our homework, now it was time for the test.

When I think about the past 4 years, a lot of life has happened. We've had some truly amazing memories that will last a lifetime and we've also had some really difficult times that we grown closer through.

The good times are awesome and fun! The not so good times have tested our relationship and fortunately we have grown closer through those days. We still face many good days and many hard days as we continue on through life together.

Some of the best of memories:

This past year we have spent preparing for the next great adventure. In 1 short week we will get on a plane and go to Africa where we will meet our son and bring him home!

We know this will be another wonderful memory that we will cherish forever. We also know that there will be serious trials we will face in the next year. I have often heard that the first year after adding a baby to the family is often the hardest year of marriage as once again the marriage must adjust to changes. We are preparing now, and know even as tough days are before us, that we will grow closer together.

The first four years have been amazing! We've struggled through 2 years of college and REALLY celebrated when it was behind us! we've bought a house, sold a house, bought another house. We've struggled and waited to bring our first child into our family and will celebrate in one week as that dream is fulfilled! We've dealt with a job change, a layoff, a new job and most recently switching over to a one income household! We've traveled - multiple times to our favorite Disneyland, Disneyworld, Jamaica, and several weekend getaways and in this coming week we will travel all the way to Africa!!!

We have lived life to the fullest in these first 4 years and year 5 is looking to be no different. As I can see ahead into this 5th year of marriage, I am excited! We have some awesome things planned for this coming year! I think every year of marriage has been amazing, but this year is going to be truly special for our family!!!


Theresa said...

Happy Anniversary Amy! May the next four be as wonderful, exciting and happy as the first four!

recoveringcoffeholic said...

Happy Anniversary!

Platinum Rose said...

Happy Anniversary!!!