Friday, June 5, 2009

Yes, I'm gonna talk about the weather! (and other randoms)

the last few weeks have been busy.

For Memorial Day we had a BBQ at my grandma's house. My grandma has a lot of squirrels that she feeds in her back yard and Peter enjoyed taking pictures of them.

This week we finally made one of Jezzie's softball games. Peter snapped some pictures of Jillian at the game. She is something else. She spent the whole game running around with all the little boys. We've always known that with her personality her daddy is going to have his hands full and she is definitely a little flirt. Good thing her daddy's a police officer!!! She is a little cutie though!

Jezzie is proving to be quite the little softball player! I couldn't believe how competitive people can be at a kids softball game, but that was pretty funny. My dad has been working with her and has been telling her that she needs to tell her coach to pitch it inside for her. So she was yelling at her coach "pitch it inside" when she was up to bat.

She hit every time out there!!!

Then the crazy storm hit last night. It was gorgeous when I got off of work yesterday but within 30 minutes I had a funnel cloud over my house. I saw my neighbors outside looking up and then they ran and got in their car, and I did look up and see something that looked like a funnel cloud but I didn't really think it was one. My dad sent me this picture last night that he took from my grandparents facing toward my house so apparently it was probably a funnel cloud.

I would post pictures of our yard but the weather is crummy and I want nice pictures of the yard to share. We have put a lot of hours and sweat into just the basics of making our yard nice, like mowing and pulling weeds but it is finally paying off! All of our neighbors have commented on the nice job we are doing - the other owner did not take care of this place at all. It is a nice home, it just needed work and we are really happy with the place! We still have a lot of weed pulling left but we are getting there!