Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So anyone who knows me knows that I cannot wait to be a mom (no I am not announcing anything) and am counting down the days until it is my turn :) I can't wait to be pregnant and feel a baby kick and move around inside of me. I can't wait to be there for my babies first breath and see what parts look like Peter and what parts look like me. There is a lot I can't wait to experience as a new mom. But in the same way that I desire to biologically become a mother I also have the same exact feelings for adopting children.

I have always had adoption on my heart and I know without a doubt that I should and will adopt someday. When we were dating I shared this with Peter and thankfully he is fully on board with this desire. In the same way that I look forward to being pregnant and holding my newborn I also look forward to the moment that I will walk into a room and see my baby for the first time.

I read a lot of blogs in my spare time and several of the blogs I read are from parents who have adopted from all around the world. This one particular blogger adopted from Ethiopia and I love hearing her reports with their family. They have two biological children and one adopted child and hope to add to that someday! Watching this video makes me want to run out and sign up to adopt right now (I promise I will wait). Check out this video. I can't wait to have my very own moment just like this one.